The Great Circle

A new film about light and waves, edited with music by Maurizio Pisati to be watched on YouTube:


About my project, by Emanuela Zanon

Variable Edition, the paintings

Il catalogo online riproduce tutti i dipinti della serie speciale, piu’ una trentini di pezzi “liberi” che fanno comunque parte dello stesso progetto dal titolo Voglio viaggiare su una nave per Dipingere il Mare – Sailing away to paint the Sea. I dipinti di 10 x 12 inches, cm 25 x 30 circa, olio e inchiostro su tela di cotone montata su tavola, hanno un etichetta sul retro che indica il giorno in cui ho preso la foto che vedete al centro di ogni dipinto. Tutta la serie segue un diario di bordo visivo e tutta la serie e’ costruita tecnicamente su due movimenti: il primo e’ quello della foto – ricordo del viaggio, stampata in modo digitale direttamente sula tela; il secondo, e’ il movimento della mia pittura, un gesto che vorrebbe riprodurre la sensazione descritta nella foto.


This is an online catalog of a special variable edition of 100 pieces plus 30 out of the edition, but all belonging to the same project titled Sailing away to Paint the Sea. The project has been started many years ago, but developed last summer, 2011. The 130 paintings are small paintings, oil and ink on cotton canvas of 10 x 12 inches mounted on wood panels. Each painting has a photo printed in the middle. Each photo was taken during my trip on the merchant vessel, Isolda, from Holland to Cleveland, in summer 2011. Each photo is crowned and interfaced by my gestural painting which aims to reproduce the sensation I remember watching each photo.

Sailing away … on Inventario

Hi there, here is the PDF of a real good good article by writer Francesco Matteo Cataluccio just published on the art & design magazine Inventario, directed by architect¬† Beppe Finessi. You can check on the editor’s web site, Corraini, where to buy this very precious new issue of the magazine, issue # 7, which will be soon distributed in bookstores.

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More about my project

Photo from the show in Bologna, February – April 2013

Hi there, here are some nice pix collected by my friends of Cultura Italiana and published today, April 25, on Face Book:

Enjoy !

The show in Bologna, February 21, 2013

Here are some photos by Sergio Buono of the one night show in Bologna, February 21, 2013, where I exhibited some of my paintings and projected the digital film Hands in Blue by composer Maurizio Pisati. During the show, another young Italian composer and pianist Marco Dalpane played alive his music following a clip om the video log of my trip across the Atlantic. Enjoy !

Marco Dalpane, February 21, 2013

The show in Milano, images

These photos are all from my solo show at the art space, la Galleria, Frigoriferi Milanesi, via Piranesi 10, Milano. The show has been organized as a special event related to my project started in 2011, Sailing away to Paint the Sea/Voglio viaggiare su una nave per Dipingere il Mare. On February 10, many supporters of my project came to the show to take home their own paintings purchased a year ago, before my trip on the vessel Isolda, from Holland to Cleveland, Ohio. The project was funded by a blind sale with a low cost evaluation, in order to sell 130 small paintings to friends and any kind of people who like my work.

foto mostra a Milano

Sailing away … on ARTincontro, February 2013

…painting on the vessel Isolda, Atlantic Ocean, June 28, 2012.